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Oasis Senior Living

OASIS SENIOR LIVING, A company dedicated to providing expertise to set up Senior Living projects in India. Founded 10 years back after a lot of study from similar projects across the world with a singular purpose of creating Senior Citizen Communes across the Country. Expertise in Creating a Senior Commune from concept to commissioning, i.e designing, Constructing, marketing, documentation, legality and eventually operating the commune. Targeting the developer/ builder and corporate community and convincing them of the need to set up such communes which are exclusive for Senior Citizens, having all amenities suited to the need, temperament and requirement of the Elderly. Such communes are set up by OASIS in Pune and Bhopal and others are in the process of planning and Implementation in other cities. Projects in pipe line are at Mumbai, Pune, Bhopal, Indore, Ahmedabad etc.

A lot of fore thought and planning has gone into designing these communes to help Senior Citizens lead a life of Dignity and Honour in a home of their own without compromising their existing life style and free from the hassles the elderly have to face under the fast changing Socio-Economic scenario.

Mr. M H Dalal is the Chairman & Managing Director of Oasis Senior Living. (www.oasisseniorliving.in)



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