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by Mr. Mansoor Dalal

The senior living sector in India is at the cusp of an epic start, with nearly 100 million seniors, almost equal to entire populations of some countries, there exists an absolute untapped and grossly overlooked opportunity for investment and development, not withstanding the acute need in this sunrise sector for seniors as they age. A significant section of these seniors are independent, financially stable, well-travelled and socially connected. India provides an opportunity to developers, service providers, healthcare players and operators to create solutions specific to India, while leveraging the learnings from across the world. 

A large stumbling block for seniors living in India is the social stigma attached to the concept  of Senior Living communities because of the common referral of these as ‘Old Age Homes’

While Independent and active senior living projects that are currently being offered in India have been accepted whole heartedly by some section of the targeted population, a lot more ground needs to be covered to make this concept acceptable universally.

The immediate need is for reputed corporate and professional developers to enter this industry versus pure play real estate playaers. The entry of players with a passion and commitment for developing such projects with a strong emphasis on service, will change the perception of such projects being labelled as “Old age homes”. CSR initiatives that offer  life style oriented homes for seniors and give them an opporunity to live in dignity and independence, will also change the face of the industry.

Potential in India

In India currently only 0.0001% of the population are engaged in some form of Senior Living, while 12% of seniors in the USA and 4% in Austrralia live in formal senior living projects.

India, is relatively a younger country demographically in relation to USA and Japan, though by 2025 it is estimated that there will be 173 million seniors above the age of 60 compared to 76 Million today. Therefore , the current demand for senior housing in India is about 312,000 units.
Dedicated senior care requires trained manpower and human resources  the full spectrum from Doctors trained in Geriatric care to Paramedical staff to graduates in Public service. 

Currently senior care providers in the Independent and active senior living space, often hire human resources and personals from hospitality and healthcare background.  There is an urgent need to set up stand alone and focussed training centres and Institutes that offer  a curriculum related to this industry thus creating a viable career option for people.

History & Genesis of ASLI 

The first National Senior Living Association in India was formed during the first ever Retirement Living World India in December 2011. The 3 Day conference in New Delhi, which was attended by influential senior living companies in India, created the opportunity to give this industry the importance it deserves.

Association of Senior Living India (ASLI) was formed, as an initiative by Mr. Mansoor Dalal, CMD of Oasis Senior Commune, a veteran consultant and an assiduous proponent of the Senior Living industry for the last decade, with the support of Mr. Ankur Gupta, Jt. Managing Director of Ashiana Housing, creators of Senior Homes under UTSAV.

Meaning of ASLI

The Acronym, ASLI, meaning ‘real’ in Hindi, was coined by Mr. Dalal, to echo the urgent need for real and committed players in this nascent industry of Senior Living.

The same Hindi word is used in the Malay language, where it is also taken as meaning ‘Original’ – in Malaysia the term Orang Asli is used to describe the early, or original.

While ASLI will not provide any direct services to the “Target audience”, it aims to  safeguard their interest and be an interface between them and  service providers.

ASLI will strive to outline guidelines, frameworks, policies, etc, more for the ASSISTED LIVING space rather than for Independent or Adult living. ASLI will create guidelines to advance excellence in senior living in India and champion quality
of life for the millions of Indian seniors who will benefit from professionally-managed senior living communities.

ASLI has been incorporated under Section 25 of the Indian Companies act. It is a Non- Profit, no Capital Organisation.

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