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Poems for senior citizens - by Mrs. Kusum Gokarn


Feathers grown, the birds have flown away,
Feet strengthened, the cubs have departed to distant climes,

Longing for the pillar-like support of children,
And the joyful company of grand-children,
Cut off from all my kith and kin,
My dreams of happiness,
And my sorrowful complaints,
I’ve swallowed them deep within my heart.

All that remains now,
At the eventide of my life,
Is my hunger for true love,
And a thirst for a kindly call.

My tired feet keep searching,
Only for a peaceful shelter,
My weakened vision keeps seeking,
The one and only
Blissful shore of contentment.

Towards a golden sunset

The sun has risen over a new horizon,
Heralding a novel concept,
A beautiful vision for silverines.

Birds of a feather flock together,
In golden nest, our second home,
Seeking friendship with our extended family,
Of same age-group, like-minded seniors,
Though from different streams,
With diverse experiences.

Come, let us pool our resources
And hatch new ideas for the common good of one and all,
And bask in the sunshine of loving smiles.

And so must we strive,
To live in peace, comfort and harmony,
In this haven of security and shelter
And thus look forward with dignity / to a glorious golden sunset / of our fruitful lives.

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